Tampa Bay Skeptics

$$$ Challenges

    TBS's "$1,000 Challenge" -- Since 1989 TBS has been offering $1,000 to anyone able to demonstrate any paranormal phenomenon under mutually agreed-upon observing conditions. If you believe that you are able to do so, please contact TBS.

    • William A. Blake III of Orlando attempted to demonstrate telepathy in March 2008. [Full story]

    • Igor Simchanko, in the former Soviet republic of Belarus, attempted to predict Florida Lottery results in 2006. [Full story]

    • From his home in Prattville, Alabama, Ron Pearce took the TBS "$1,000 Challenge" by e-mail and phone in 2005, claiming the ability to diagnose medical conditions remotely. [Full story]

    • Bill Pierce, a dowser of Polaroid photographs, first took the TBS "$1,000 Challenge" in 2000. [Full story]  And he was retested in 2002. [Full story]

    • Scott C. Frank of Homosassa, Florida, tried to win the TBS "$1,000 Challenge" at the Winter 2001-02 TBS quarterly meeting. [Full story]

    • In Sept. and Dec. 1999, Gainesville resident James D. Moore, Jr., had TBS test his claimed ability to detect the presence of precious metals and gems with "Crazy Rod," a plastic divining rod that he has invented. [Full story]

    • Titusville "psychic/prophet" Virginia Levy had her "psychometry" powers (reading vibrations from objects) scientifically tested by TBS in 1998. [Full story]

    • Local "psychic" Joan Morin accepted TBS's "$1,000 Challenge" in 1989. [Full story]

    • TBS has taken its "$1,000 Challenge" to TV a number of times. Read the details of our 1993 and 1994 TV challenges, as recounted in TBS Report.