More "Faces" on Mars


The panda, anteater, and
screaming man (George Washington?)
living within Cydonia's city limits
and yet somehow overlooked by
Richard Hoagland and friends
(photographed by the Viking 1 orbiter)

Another face, found in the
Utopia region of Mars,
from photo #86A10 taken by
the Viking 1 orbiter

Galle Crater (134 miles wide),
a.k.a. "Happy Face" Crater,
as seen by Viking in 1976 (left)
and during Mars Global Surveyor's
1999 revisit (Release #MOC2-89)

The volcanic politician,
Senator Ted Kennedy,
spotted carousing in Utopia
by the Viking 1 orbiter

And the lavaly Kermit the Frog,
frolicking on the Martian surface
back in 1976, as seen by Viking 1

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