New Evidence(?) re: the "Face on Mars"

A  Grainy photo capture of Richard Hoagland from a TV (CNN) broadcast
B  Hoagland's face layered on a background similar to a B&W of a Mars photo
C  Blurring of features and merging of layers
D  Continued blurring and reorienting of face, with colorization
a  1998 view of the "Face" from the Mars Global Surveyor
b  Negative enhancement of same MGS image
c  This version was constructed by Mark Kelly, a computer graphics specialist.
     It shows the "Face" illuminated from the upper left, a more normal lighting
     direction for viewing a face (as opposed to the "flashlight-under-the-chin"
     effect in the actual MGS image), and one which more closely matches
     that of the original 1976 Viking image.
d  The famous 1976 Viking 1 image, colorized
e  Merging layers D and d suggests there may be more than a coincidental resemblance
     between Richard Hoagland and the "Face" on Mars.
X  The unscrupulous TBS member who compiled the graphics for this page suggested
     that NASA resurvey the "Face" of Cydonia under different lighting conditions.
     The resulting image -- never released by NASA but obtained by TBS -- bears much
     more of a resemblance to a familiar human face (or is he really an alien?).

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