Note: The following biographical information, from an introduction at a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) meeting, was supplied electronically by Phil Bayly and is being posted without editing. TBS cannot vouch for its accuracy.

PHIL BAYLY was bom in Clearwater and has extensive local area heritage. He is also a recent MUFON member of our local chapter with an unusual background and insight to many elements that surround UFOlogy and pursuit of its related truths. The summer following his graduation from Clearwater High School, he entered the U. S. Marine Corps at the beginning of the Korean War. Soon after, he was selected for entry into the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated in 1955 with an Engineering Degree to subsequently serve in the U. S. Air Force and retire twenty three years later in 1978 as a Full Colonel. He immediately returned home in 1978 to live in Largo and began work as an Engineer at the local Military Avionics Division of Honeywell. He continues to work there currently.

Phil has agreed to speak to us in March and share some of his background, knowledge and experience that directly relates to our mutual interest in UFO's. His overall insight into the UFO phenomenon, is reinforced with more than his keen interest in the subject. He was a USAF Command Pilot with over 5000 flying hours and also had numerous significant positions of authority and unique Military Staff responsibilities. During his military career, he also attended in residence both the Command and Staff College and later, as a more senior military officer, the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. Some of his numerous and broad military assignments included in-depth involvement with NSA and CIA related Flying and other Operations as well as Intelligence Staff responsibilities. He was right in the middle of "Threat Assessments", "Cover Stories", "Clandestine Operations", "Code Words", and numerous other activities associated with many of the highly "sensitive" and "Classified" Programs on-going in the 1960's and 1970's. His subsequent military retirement and follow-on to Honeywell's "High Tech" projects may seem pale by comparison; however, they and Phil are directly focused on "State of the Art" "military applications" that involve the development, fielding and support of Inertial Navigation Systems, many including Laser Beam Technology and more recently Satellite Navigation.

More specifically, during Phil's earlier military years as a Major, he was the USAF Project Officer in Japan, 5th Air Force Staff directly associated with all Special (Strategic Intelligence) Reconnaissance missions (NSA & CIA) flown in the Far East from 1966 to 1970, including South East Asia (SEA) and accordingly, was also the primary Operations representative on the USAF's Far East Intelligence "Watch Committee." His Operational and "back door" association with these numerous Intelligence related Projects requiring "very sensitive" and "high level" classified security clearances all began there. Once "in the club", his subsequent assignments floated him in and out of the Intelligence Community. He followed the assignment in Japan with a year tour on the USAF's 7th Air Force Staff at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon as the Senior Air Force Office evaluating and directing Airborne Operations Security & Counter Intelligence activities for all of Military Allied Command, Vietnam (MACV). Beginning in 1973, as a Lt. Colonel, Phil was the CIA's (clandestine) Director of Operations for the final portion of their U-2 Program which included his presence during several highly classified deployment operations and his Area 51 (sensitive) on-site access. As a full Colonel, Phil's last USAF assignment was to the Pentagon in Washington, DC, on the JCS, Special Operations Group (SOG) as the Senior USAF Officer and Advisor with additional responsibilities to coordinate (clandestinely) all CIA support requirements from Department of Defense (DoD) assets until his mid-1978 retirement.

Phil's immediate follow-on work at Honeywell continued his access to both routine and several highly classified U.S. military operations, including the "Skunk Works" F-117 "Stealth Fighter" during its early development, build and fielding. Honeywell's next generation "High Tech" aircraft navigation systems introduced "Ring Laser Gyro" technology, and more recently, GPS (Satellite Navigation). Phil remains there today with full involvement.

Phil's presentation in February will reveal many of "his experiences." But, he intends to better focus our attention and understanding of the basic mechanics of "protecting" U.S. Government "classified projects", compartmentalization of information, cover stories, disinformation and other techniques utilized to deny information or mitigate its unintended release to the public. He will also clarify the respective "Roles and Missions" of the NSA and CIA and their interrelationship within the "Intelligence Conununity" and overall U.S. Government. His premise will be: Even when seeking the "Truth", don't expect to successfully "play the game", until you know the "rules of engagement!" What is our Government doing? Why are they doing it? Are others involved? How do we synthesize the real from the imagined or illusions? Are there answers? Come see, hear, participate and graduate!

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